Yesterday I came across a fantastic blog post from The Thesis Whisperer that I think you should read. It focuses on students who want to quit their PhDs. 

It’s titled ‘How Not To Be An Academic Asshole During Covid’ and it raises important points about PhD struggle and the decision to leave academia and leave the PhD journey. 

Some of you reading these emails may be thinking of dropping out, whether because covid has changed your landscape and outlook or because of other challenges. Indeed, the post cites recent figures that suggest ‘close to half of PhD students are contemplating leaving their studies in the next six months’.

What this blog posts discusses is the prevalent attitude within academia that those thinking of quitting are ‘nuts’ and should ‘stick with it’. Such an attitude fosters toxicity. People have their own reasons for leaving that are entirely legitimate. They deserve to be heard. 

The sentiment is this: if you’re thinking of quitting, you’re not nuts. If you know someone who is thinking of quitting listen to them, don’t shame them.

I encourage everyone to read the post, regardless of whether or not you are thinking of leaving their PhD. 

You can read it now by clicking here.


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