Success is a journey, not a destination. ⁣

It exists in the daily lived experience. ⁣

Sure, milestones are important and there are tangible, quantifiable outcomes that you’ll reach as you strive to be more successful, but there is no magic ‘end point’ at which you suddenly become successful. ⁣

Think about it this way, success is always frustratingly out of reach. It becomes elusive. You achieve some of the markers of what you feel success is (a pay rise, a job, submitting your thesis, getting a publication), only to then find that the goal post has shifted and that you crave more outcomes. ⁣

But success is lived every day. It’s a continual process, part of a longer journey towards self-fulfilment. ⁣

Success is present in how you get to where you’re headed, and it’s reflected in your behaviours, thoughts and habits. ⁣

In short: you’re successful already. ⁣

Good luck!


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