Right now it your PhD is taking up a big chunk of your life.
For some of you, it might be your entire life. For others, it sits alongside other priorities, responsibilities and interests.
But in both cases your PhD is there, occupying a prominent position in terms of what you spend your day caring (and worrying ) about.
But fast forward to post-graduation. The more distant your graduation becomes in your memory, the less prominent your PhD will be in your life. Over time, you’ll spend less and less time thinking about it. One day, believe it or not, you may even forget half of what you’ve written.
The extent to which the PhD will play an increasingly smaller role in your life will depend on whether or not you stay in academia, but regardless, it will become a minor player over time.
That may be hard to believe now, but it’s true.
And it’s a sobering reminder that no matter how tough things are today, or how much stress your PhD is causing you, this reality is temporary. Soon, once you’ve graduated, it will all be a distant memory.
There’s one caveat to this. No matter how much time passes, you’ll still feel a sparkle every time you see Dr. before your name.

Hello, Doctor…

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