When you stop to think about all the work you’ve got left to do during your PhD, you probably panic a little. ⁣

Depending on your mood, you may even get anxious. ⁣

You may even freak out. ⁣

If you find yourself veering towards any of these unhelpful emotions, here’s a trick I suggest you try. ⁣

Try to maintain a sense of curiosity and inquisitiveness about where your PhD journey is going to take you. That is, try and tell yourself that you should keep going, just to see what happens. ⁣

Because for all the hard work and the worry, you’ll be going on a fascinating adventure. You’ll meet new people, do new things, and your PhD will take you in directions you haven’t even thought of. ⁣

So let your thesis guide you, accept that at times it will be stressful, and savour the journey you’ll end up on. Before you know it, you’ll be finished and, believe it or not, you’ll miss it. ⁣

Good luck.


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