Sometimes you just have to have faith that you’ll end up where you need to.⁣

We’re an anxious lot, and we tend to want to know how the future will look.⁣

But we don’t have a crystal ball and it isn’t always possible to plan for the future or know what’s going to happen one, six or twelve months down the line.⁣

We can do our best to go in the direction we want to head, but sometimes we need to do so not knowing the destination.⁣

Terrifying? It needn’t be – if you have faith that, by quietly plodding away and putting in the hours in, you will get you where you need to go, wherever that may be.⁣

It’s a big ask though. When you’re in the thick of your PhD and it’s doing its best to destroy you, it takes steely effort to be able to fight through the discomfort and have faith that it’ll all be alright in the end. It’s often so difficult to fight the stress, anxiety and uncertainty and turn up not knowing where you’re headed, or when you’ll get there.⁣

All you can do is try your hardest, put the hours in and believe in yourself. Do that for long enough, and you’ll have growing confidence in the direction your headed.⁣

Oh, and don’t forget to enjoy the ride.⁣

Good luck!


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