Coronavirus has forced upon us something that we often lack and often crave: time to think.

Now we’re not rushing so much, or working so hard, or filling our days up with things, people and stuff, we now have more time to sit and think about what is really important and what really matters.

Whether you like it or not, this coronavirus-enforced lockdown will change you.

Have you stopped to think about how?

Have you used your thinking time to ponder where your PhD is taking you, what you’re going to do after you complete it, or what values and priorities drive you?¬†Will you be the same person and academic when we come out of this crisis? Will you have the same motivations?

Use this thinking time to your advantage, to reflect on where you’ve come from, who you are now and where you’ll be tomorrow. In doing so, you may realise things about you, your PhD and your career that are only apparent now we’ve got the time on our hands.

Good luck and have a great week.