Walk before you can run.
We’ve all heard it, but what does it mean for your PhD?
It means not forcing things, and not try to move too quickly.
It means accepting that you need to learn skills, build experience and grow as a researcher before you’re able to achieve certain things and reach certain milestones in your thesis.
It means that you need to grow and mature gradually.
This requires self-awareness, and the ability to know what skills you have and, importantly, what skills you lack. Then it requires faith; faith that if you keep putting the hours in you’ll end up where you need to be.
So as you navigate your PhD journey, irrespective of what stage you’re at, know your limits. Recognise when you’re asking too much of yourself and when you’re trying to push yourself beyond your skill level.
Put simply, accept your own weaknesses and don’t expect to be able to fix them all at once.

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