Months will go by during your PhD where time seems to stand still. Progress will be slow, you’ll lack enthusiasm and you’ll struggle to get anywhere. They’re months that could be condensed into weeks.

Then you’ll get weeks where months happen. The weeks where you move mountains, fire on all cylinders and where you do more work than you realised possible.

Pay attention to when these weeks appear. This is the time where your PhD jumps forward.

They won’t happen that often, but when they do you must seize upon them. Capitalise upon that focus and ride that wave of productivity. Cancel plans if you have to, because this focus won’t last forever.

As quickly as these super-weeks appear they’ll disappear and you’ll be back to trudging slowly through the PhD journey.

In other words, there will be times in your PhD when it makes sense to do the deep work. Take those opportunities when you can.

Good luck and have a great weekend.


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