The seasons are changing. For those in the north, Spring is in the air. For those down south, the nights are drawing in and autumn looms.

This is an excellent time to take stock of your progress thus far in your PhD. It’s a good opportunity to take a look at all the wonderful things you’ve done, and the journey you’ve been on. Look how far you’ve come.

Also look at the path that lies ahead of you. As you do so, don’t panic, but instead remind yourself that you’ve come this far and that you can carry on as long as you need to, however rocky the road becomes.

The change of seasons is a fantastic opportunity to reflect on the nature of change more generally, and remind yourself that PhDs, like the seasons themselves, have an ebb and a flow. They have dark days, bright ones, happy ones and sad ones. Lean into the discomfort and celebrate the joy.

Good luck and have a great week.