Over these last few weeks you’ve done brilliant things.

You’ve worked hard, you’ve kept plugging away and you’ve kept up momentum in your PhD under incredible stress and in unique, unprecedented circumstances.

The perfectionist in you may be scalding you for not working ‘enough’, but any progress at all made during this time is worthy of celebration.

This Easter weekend take some time to congratulate yourself and give yourself the credit you deserve for making the most of extraordinary circumstances.

Sure, it’s been tough, things are different and no doubt progress has been slower, but that’s fine.

The fact you’re still here, still working away and still looking for the light at the end of the tunnel is testament to your perseverance, diligence and your drive. It’s that kind of spirit that will lead you to finish your PhD and be able one day to call yourself Doctor.

Good luck, have a great Easter weekend and take some time off.