How does coronavirus relate to your PhD?

Well, if it has shown us anything, it’s the value of being adaptive and resilient. As firms send their workers home, universities decided whether or not to close down, and flights and travel plans are disrupted, a lot of people and institutions are stress-testing their own resilience as we speak.

Those who are going to adapt most easily are those who are resilient enough to deal with the new situations that present themselves. It could be an emotional resilience, say to deal with the disappointment of travel plans that have fallen through, or professional resilience as you’re forced to work from home.

You can draw parallels to your PhD. Your PhD will throw up challenges and problems, if not now then in the future, and your success as a PhD student is down in part to how well you can adapt and how resilient you are to those changes.

Resilience is key to dealing with challenges in life, so whether it’s coronavirus or your thesis, reflect on how much of it you have built in your day-to-day life.

Good luck (and wash your hands)!