As we enter a new stage of lockdown life, new uncertainties and realities present themselves. You may find yourself once again worrying about what this new world and new normal means for your life in general and PhD in particular.

This is a useful time to remind yourself of the distinction between things you can control and things you can’t. All through lockdown life there have been many things you can’t control: government policy, the virus itself, the socio-economic impact, and so on. But there have also been things you can control: what you eat, how you exercise self-care, how you work, who you connect with, and so on.

We aren’t quite out of the woods yet, but things are starting to improve. However, it remains true that there is little point worrying about all the things outside of your control.

Today I want to remind you to keep focusing on what you can control, especially because that has likely shifted slightly in recent days and weeks. Try to put everything outside of your control to one side.

Good luck.