We’ve all got things on our to-do lists that we’re putting off. We push them further down the list, pretending that, if only we keep doing so, they’ll magically disappear.
Procrastination plagues everyone, not least PhD students, and can be the cause of real problems.
What typically ends up happening is that, the longer you put something off, the more time you have to get anxious and worked up about it.
So much so that you start to really dread the task, even if it is something quite straightforward. What started out as a simple task can, the longer you leave it and the more time you give yourself to worry about it, become a seemingly insurmountable one.
The solution? Start working on it. Even if it’s only or five minutes.
Because the sooner you start, even just a little, the sooner you’ll realise that, chances are, it is a simple task after all. Then you’ll be able to worry less about it. And then, maybe, you’ll stop putting it off.
Good luck and have a great week.

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