In an ideal world, the PhD would be the only thing on your agenda (and even then it would be overwhelming at times).
But we don’t live in an ideal world, and most people reading this will be juggling other commitments. That might be teaching responsibilities, caring responsibilities, or any of the other myriad things life throws at us.
If you’re in this situation, you need to hone a special kind of efficiency and productivity. The more you have on your plate, the more each second of the day counts.
When you first start, you’ll find it tough. But as you continue to juggle multiple roles and responsibilities you’ll get better at managing your time.
But – and this is an important but – you aren’t going to be productive and efficient all of the time. You’ll have days where you drop the ball, or where you struggle to get everything done.
That’s inevitable.
No matter how much we’ve got on, we can’t always be on our A-game. It’s great when we are, but we need to go easy on ourselves when we’re not. We’re human, and we have good days and bad days. Take full advantage of the good ones, but don’t give yourself a hard time on the bad ones.
That’ll only make them worse.

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