As much as I am a strong advocate for working within your limits and being kind to yourself, there are inevitably going to be days when you’re feeling awful but you nevertheless have to show up and get the job done.

Whether you’re teaching, marking, writing or researching, everyone has days where they have no energy, where they would rather be in bed or where the inner critic seems to have found its loudest voice yet. 

We can often feel a sense of despair and panic on these days, particularly if what we’re meant to be doing simply can’t wait, or if there’s no way we can put it off. 

But it’s during the times when we’re struggling to stay afloat that we grow and develop valuable mental grit.

Getting through these days is tough and doing so takes it out of you, for sure, but by getting the job done in spite of the odds you succeed in building a little bit more of the mental armour you’ll need to get to the end of your PhD journey. 

Good luck. 

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