If a PhD was easy, everyone would have one. When you find things tough it can be easy to lose sight of the bigger picture or, worse still, start blaming yourself or labelling yourself stupid.⁣

The fact is that a PhD is just about the hardest thing you’ll ever do, and you’re not alone in finding it so tricky. Everyone struggles, everyone is confused from time to time and everyone finds it unbearable at least some of the time.⁣

Rather than beat yourself up when you’re struggling, remind yourself that confusion and frustration are part of the process. It’s through these difficulties and challenges that you learn, grow and develop as a researcher and as an adult. Wherever you end up, the fact that you persevered through difficulty means that, when you arrive, you’ll be more resilient, more skilled and far better equipped to handle any future challenges that will come your way.⁣

It’s all part of the process.⁣

Good luck and have a great week.


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