Coronavirus is forcing many PhD students to stay home where otherwise they would be in their labs or the field. It’s decreasing productivity, raising stress levels and requiring everyone to rethink how they work.

There are two things to take from this. The first is that this is a significant, traumatic event. The second is that PhD students – and others in society – are showing an incredible level of adaptability and resilience.

I’m keen to document these effects and adaptations and I need two minutes of your time to help me do that.

I’ve created a unique experiment.

I’m asking PhD students like you from around the world a simple question: How has coronavirus affected your PhD and how have you adapted? 

I’ve created a dedicated webpage for people to share their accounts. In a short paragraph, students are sharing their unique experiences and providing a rich, detailed account of what effect coronavirus is having.

All the contributions are 100% anonymous. You don’t leave your name or email and it’s not a marketing gimmick. You won’t get any sales emails and you won’t get any spam. It’s an anonymous digital confession box.

Your anonymous contribution will feed into a collection of accounts and stories that I’ll be collating when all this is over and sharing with universities. This document will provide a snapshot of this unique moment in time and will be an opportunity for reflection and learning.

I’m asking you to share your experience and contribute to this snapshot.

To share your experience of coronavirus, click this link now. 

Good luck.