As soon as you wake up it’s decision time. ⁣

Either you can wake up and start to think of all the stresses and strains that the PhD is trying to throw at you that day, or you can wake up and immediately focus on the positives, on all the things that are going right, that you’re excited about, or that you’re grateful for. ⁣

There will always be things on your to-do list that stress you out, or that are anxiety inducing. The things that spark panic. ⁣

But there will also always be things on it worth celebrating and savouring. The things that spark joy. ⁣

You have a choice over which you focus on.⁣

So do you spend your time focusing on everything that’s going badly and everything that could potentially go wrong, or do you instead focus on the things that are going well?⁣

It’s easy to see how focusing on one or the other first thing in the morning can radically shift your mood and outlook. Start positive, and you’re putting yourself in a good position for the rest of the day. Start negative and you’re lining yourself up for defeat. ⁣

Good luck and have a great week. 


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