If you’re finding it hard to focus during self-isolation or to find a new routine, that’s fine. It’ll take time.

Your old routine had a rhythm and energy that was predicated around being able to leave home, perhaps going to campus a few times a week, interacting with colleagues and teaching students.

For the time being, all of that has disappeared. Your new routine won’t look like your old one, so stop comparing them. Instead, accept that it will take you a while to find your new routine and that it will look very different.

Be more compassionate to yourself, give yourself the space and leeway you need, and think creatively about what this new normal means for you and your thesis.

To read more on the importance of routine during coronavirus, I encourage you to read this great article from the Atlantic. There you’ll see the immense value in routines and understand what you can do to find your new normal.

Good luck!

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