I can go whole days without experiencing joy.  ⁣

Often, it’s because what I’m working on is causing me stress and giving me few reasons to be joyful.  ⁣

And, more importantly, it’s because I haven’t actively cultivated it.  ⁣

Because, when you look hard enough, there can be joy in everything you do. But you have to actively notice and appreciate it.  ⁣

A walk in the park is an excuse to be joyful at the beauty that exists in your neighbourhood.  ⁣

Talking to a friend is an excuse to be joyful at their presence in your life.  ⁣

Sitting silently at the end of the day is an excuse to be joyful at all that you achieved that day.  ⁣

In your own PhD you’re almost certain to have terrible days. But it’s also certain that, even on those terrible days, you’ll have something to smile about. Something that, if you focus hard enough, is joyful.  ⁣

Focus on those things, so the stressful things don’t seem so bad anymore.  ⁣

Good luck!


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