These last couple of weeks have been extremely traumatic.

As a society we’re experiencing a collective loss – a loss of our old way of life and way of working.

Loss of any sort is hard to deal with, particularly if doing so requires you to work, earn and socialise in different ways, all against the backdrop of a global health emergency.

But as time goes on, this new reality becomes your new normal. You’ll get used to the new routine, the new limitations and the new dynamics that you encounter. You may even start to see positives that come out of your new work and social life.

Not every day will be easy, but not every day will be hard either. Each day will get easier, and each day will present new opportunities for growth and development. As the dust settles on this strange new world, we’ll all start to grow the resilience necessary to deal with it.

Good luck.

p.s. If you haven’t already, read my new (free) guide to working remotely/self-isolating as a PhD student.