Are you working too much?
When we’re up against deadlines we can think that the only solution is to work as much as possible. This is particularly the case in academia, where working late in the library or lab can sometimes be seen as a badge of honour.
You may recognise it yourself in a tendency to panic and over prepare when you feel under pressure. You may feel driven by the belief that anything less than maximum effort is somehow a failure.
Whilst working hard is an admirable quality, it’s also important to listen to your body and notice when you’re working too hard. Notice when you’re struggling to concentrate, or where your body is tired and worn out. It’s at these points that it pays to take some time off – even just for an afternoon – recharge your batteries and come back to your work in better physical and mental shape.
Ignoring these signs can lead to burnout, and you’ll end up less productive and less prolific as a result. It’s counterproductive, but the most sustainable way to achieving a large output of work is to take regular breaks and time away from your PhD. The least sustainable way is to work every hour you can.
Good luck!

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