Another year, another lockdown (for those in the UK at least), and yet more time away from campus, teaching, labs and all the support and tools you need to complete your PhD.
We’re nearing the end of the covid-road, but we’re not quite there yet. Understandably, you’re likely worried about what another few months of restrictions and lockdowns means for your PhD.
Each student will be feeling the effects differently. Some of you reading this may be relatively unaffected, whereas others considerably more so. Whatever your situation, and however much you’re struggling, remember that you got through this before and you’ll get through it again.
This reality is temporary.
You may like to know about the space we have on our website that’s home to a list  of resources that will help you as you navigate the final stages of this pandemic. You can check that out for free by clicking here
But whatever you do, be kind to yourself.

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