In yesterday’s daily dose of PhD motivation, I talked about my experience of PhD-loneliness. I received an incredible response from people sharing their own stories.

It got me thinking. I wonder how many people have similar experiences? I also wonder why there aren’t better guides and resources that tackle the issue.

So today I want to take a simple anonymous poll. I want to get a better sense of how many people have felt or continue to feel lonely as they go through their PhDs. Based on the insight, I’ll develop resources for The PhD Knowledge Base.

So with that in mind, can you answer the following question? (Leave your answer in the comments).

What phrase best describes your experience of PhD loneliness?

I currently feel lonely
I have felt lonely in the past, but not so much anymore
I’ve never felt lonely during my PhD
None of the above

Leave your response in the comments. Based on the responses I get, I’ll be able to develop guides and resources to help those struggling.

Good luck!