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Why you need a proofreader

Minimise your chances of corrections by ensuring your thesis is right first time

Ensure your research is presented in the best possible light 

A proofreader can give your thesis the special treatment it deserves and make sure you have presented your ideas in the most compelling manner possible.

Maximize your chances of passing first time

One of the assessment criteria for PhDs is clarity of language, so if your thesis contains typographical or language errors your examiners are likely to request further revisions. 

Eliminate this worry with expert assistance and make sure your thesis is right first time.

A cost effective solution to a critical requirement

You have spent thousands of dollars and have many years getting to this stage. Hiring a proofreader means you can make sure your investment pays off by submitting a thesis that is fluent and error-free. Plus, you can save yourself months of costly revisions.

Present your research in the best possible light

Because all of our proofreaders have PhDs themselves, they know what's required at every stage of the PhD thesis. They can make sure you have developed and presented your arguments in the most compelling manner possible. 

Reach the required level of English

For whatever reason, you may struggle to write in English to the required standard. Our proofreaders are all native speakers. They will ensure that your text is fluent and clear.

The expertise of a professional

Our proofreaders all have PhDs, so they know what's expected. They have the time and skills to correct language mistakes and elevate the quality of your writing. It's more than just correcting typos; it's about ensuring consistency and fluency across the entire text and making sure your thesis is worthy of a Doctor.

Delegate the workload

As well as proofreading, we also take care of formatting, references and even your cover pages and submission documents. This gives you less to worry about in the crucial period leading up to submission.

A fresh set of eyes

By the time you have finished writing an individual chapter or the entire thesis you are too familiar with the text to be able to spot errors, particularly those concerning tone, sentence structure and readability. Our proofreaders can correct mistakes you never knew existed. 

Independent advice

Sometimes students rely on friends and family to proofread their thesis. This limits the quality and range of feedback. Our proofreaders are able to provide constructive feedback of your writing and ideas because we are independent and impartial. 

Humans, not algorithms

Online spelling and grammar software isn't advanced enough to successfully proofread a PhD thesis. It relies on algorithms for a job that only a human can do. 

Fully supported by universities across the world

We work closely with universities to make sure that everything we do remains ethical and, importantly, allowed according to the rules they set governing the use of proofreaders.

It's easy to get started

The first step is to choose your proofreading package