What about your PhD keeps you up at night? 


For too many, the PhD is a mill-stone. It shreds at us, slowly bringing us down and spitting us out as shells of our former selves – convincing us we’re inadequate, or inept, or really just quite unsuited. 

Too many PhD students are broken. Too many PhD programmes are broken. Too many supervisor-supervisee relationships are broken.

And we need to talk more about that.

It’s the elephant in the room.  

We want to collate stories and experiences from students like you so we can start a wider conversation. So we ask you a very simple question: what about your PhD keeps you up at night? Share one word or a thousand words – 100% confidentially – and be heard.

15 + 13 =


What is this?

This is a unique experiment. It’s your chance to  share your experience and worries you face as you work towards your PhD.

What happens to my answer?

We’ll anonymously collate and analyse the responses to tease out themes that will help us use our voice and our reach to start meaningful conversations about what’s happening. 


Is this confidential?

Yes. 100%. We won’t ask for your name or email address and we can’t trace your answer back to you.