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Templates and chapter cheat sheets

Easily create chapter outlines with our no-nonsense cheat sheets and unique thesis planning system. Each is designed to help you plan, structure and write the major sections of your thesis more quickly.

Easy to follow guides and writing advice

Discover exactly what goes where (and why) with ten in-depth chapter and writing guides. Put an end to your confusion and save yourself months of worry and wasted time by getting it right first time.

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We’re so confident that this course will make you a better thesis writer that we’re offering a 100% money back guarantee. If you’re not happy, get in touch and tell us and we’ll give your all of your money back.

The course is delivered entirely by email

Because the course  is delivered across 12 emails, you can learn in your own time and refer back to the material as many times as you like throughout your PhD programme. 

Save time and energy with specially created templates, checklists and chapter cheat-sheets

Specifically designed to ensure you apply your knowledge and graduate sooner.

You need resources that will make your life less complicated, not more.

That’s why we’ve created dozens of templates, checklists and chapter cheat-sheets. They’re designed to let you easily understand what goes where, visualise what still needs to be done, and finally understand how to fit everything together.

The PhD Thesis Writing system will show you what goes where, what each section of your PhD is meant to do and how they all fit together. By the end, you’ll be in a position to more efficiently and confidently outline chapters that you’re ready to write, and create workflows for the ones you’re planning.

The learning outcomes are clear and effective. By the end of this course:

1. You will be less confused about how to structure a PhD thesis.

2. You will have produced detailed chapter outlines and work-plans.

3. You will have downloaded and completed worksheets, templates and tutorials that you can use and refer back to throughout your PhD journey. 

4. You will understand the mechanics of high-quality academic writing. 

5. You will have understood how each element of a PhD thesis relates to one another. 

6. You will understand the difference between (and how to write) a literature review and theory framework. 

7. You will be better able to manage PhD-stress.

Structure your thesis properly with ten in-depth, expertly written chapter guides

Designed to show you what goes where (and why)

Knowing what goes where in a thesis is tough. There are dozens of books, hundreds of articles and lots of online courses. 

But you haven’t got time to go through all of that, right?

So, as well as the templates, checklists and chapter cheat-sheets, you’ll also get an in-depth mini-course on planning and structuring a thesis. Every two days, you’ll get detailed but easy-to-follow tips and advice on what’s required at each stage of the thesis, common problems students face and how to write more effectively. 

Best of all, they’re all delivered by email, so you can read them in your own time and refer back to as many times as you want.

They’ll help you clear up confusion, finally understand the purpose of each section, and they’ll turn you into a PhD-jedi. That way, you’ll be able to write more quickly, more effectively and more confidently.

Section 1: How To Write A PhD

1. The different sections of a thesis  

2. Writing and conducting a literature review 

3. Constructing and writing about your theoretical framework

4. Making methods interesting 

5. Presenting your findings: the empirical and discussion chapters

6. The abstract, acknowledgements, introduction and conclusion

Section 2: How To Write Like A Doctor

7. How to write clearly and concisely

8. How to structure arguments 

9. How to structure your time more effectively 

10. How to manage PhD anxieties

See real world applications with a range of expertly curated external resources

A collection of the world’s best thesis writing tools and tips

There are hundreds of useful resources, sample theses and informative videos out there that can help you learn and write your thesis more effectively.

If you know where to find them.

Let us do the hard work by pointing you in the direction of the web’s best PhD writing resources.

You’ll get curated videos, links to expertly written external resources, and interactive worksheets and checklists from the world’s best educators and thesis-writing experts.

That way, you can give what you’re learning some real world context and expand your knowledge. The more you can learn about structuring a thesis, the easier it will be to write yours.

‘This course saved me’

-Colin, 4th year PhD materials science. Read more reviews.

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We demystify the writing process to make it less confusing. By showing you how things fit together, you can produce a more competent thesis, more quickly and easily.

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You’ll receive all the templates, checklists, cheat-sheets and chapter guides across twelve emails, with a new one sent every two days. They’re yours to keep and refer back to forever.

Write With Confidence

The course is bought to you by The PhD Proofreaders, the experts in PhD writing. Our goal is to clear up confusion, not create it, so the course is written in clear, plain English. With our templates, guides and tips, you’ll be able to clear up confusion and write more confidently. 

Who Is This Course For?

Regardless of what stage of the PhD you’re at, or what discipline you’re in, you will benefit from the tools we have developed.

 This course is designed for those:

– Worried about whether they have what it takes
– Worried about whether they will finish on time
– At any stage of the writing process, in any subject
– Unsure of how to structure and write their thesis
– Looking to save time and money by learning writing tips and hacks
– Who want the support of thesis writing experts
– Those who want tools, templates, checklists and guides to help clear up confusion

Customer reviews

“I enjoyed that you can take this course at your own pace and go back to the lessons when you need them. It was also useful to have the templates and a series of questions related to each lesson to help get the writing going.”

“This course gives me a feeling that someone cares about you. It’s like having a routine conversation every couple of days with one friend who has a lot of experience. It helped me a lot during this special and difficult time.”

“The course made me realise I am not the only one who is struggling with questions about the right approach for the thesis. The tone of voice is just right, it has that sense of humor but it is also very clear on what the hard parts are.”

“I was suffering from understanding some basics. I am pleased that there was somewhere I could go to get this information rather than being judged by asking my supervisors.I found the course at the right time – I was desperate”.

“I enjoyed that things were broken down into manageable bits and easy to reference back to when needed.”

“The course was simple and straight to the point. And it let me know that my fears were real and I have to face them head on.”

“The course demystifies the thesis writing process”

“Everything is easy to follow and appears as if it were written just for me!”

*As of August 2019

“I thought the course had a lot of time, effort, and experience put into it. I enjoyed it as a whole and I wish that I would’ve had access to it in my first year (I’m on year 3)”.

“The course was an eye opener to me. All the information was relevant to me. I enjoyed, and i still do, every detail in this course. I rely on what i have learnt to help me finish my PhD”.

“The course made me realise I’m not alone on this journey. It simplified the writing process and key aspects of the PhD journey.”

“I was amazed by how much knowledge could be shared with so few words”

“You probably do not know how much I appreciate your professional help. As you know doing PhD is like running a marathon. I truly believe you are doing something very special.”

“High-quality and in-depth. It made an immeasurable impact on the level of my work. Can’t recommend enough.”

“Although the course is online-based, it’s quite interactive because of the exercises provided after each section. The interaction can be used to build into one’s own work rhythm.”

“Literally I have learned more than my expectations from your courses in each and every lesson.”

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