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Eight free collections of PhD writing guides to help you deliver brilliance

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literature review theory framework PhD

Mastering your theory and literature review chapters

In this collection of resources, we’ll explain all you need to know about planning and writing an effective literature review.
plan PhD chapters

How to structure and write every chapter of the PhD

In this collection, we’ll walk you through each chapter of your thesis. You’ll learn what goes where and how it fits together.
PhD motivation

How to stay motivated and productive

In these resources, we discuss the emotional challenges of doing a PhD, and offer tips to help you stay engaged and motivated.
PhD writing fluency

Techniques to improve your writing and fluency

Writing’s not that easy. Here you’ll learn simple techniques to write more effectively and convincingly.
PhD mental health

Advice on maintaining good mental health

PhDs can be lonely, isolated places. These resources will be useful if your PhD impacts upon your overall wellbeing.
ESL PhD students

Resources designed for non-native English speakers

Writing a PhD when English isn’t your first language can throw up unique challenges. Here you’ll learn how to overcome them.
PhD writing template

A free one-page PhD structure template

Using this free PhD writing template, you can quickly visualise every element of your thesis.
How to write a literature review

Explore our back-catalogue of motivational advice

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Use our free PhD structure template to quickly visualise every element of your thesis.