Expert coaching to help you structure your thesis

Stop worrying and start writing with confidence. One session is all it takes.

Struggling to plan, structure or write your thesis?

Knowing how to structure your PhD is hard. It can feel like, no matter what you do, you’re no closer to working it out.

Our unique PhD writing coaching gives you the chance to talk with a PhD writing expert and address the problems that are unique to you and your thesis. One session is all it takes.

It’ll save you months of worry and wasted time.

You’ll receive tailored advice and learn how to overcome the problems you face as you structure your thesis. That way, you can stop worrying and start writing with confidence.

Professional, one-on-one assistance

During a one hour phone consultation, we’ll help you navigate the problems you’re facing.

Tailored to you and your thesis

Every PhD is different, so we take time to listen to your particular challenges and devise appropriate advice plans.

One session or ongoing support

Whether you need a single session to overcome a specific problem, or ongoing support to guide you through, we’re here for you.

Learn from PhD experts

We are the experts in planning, structuring and writing theses. We all have PhDs and have helped over 5,000 students graduate.

We all know how hard structuring a PhD thesis is. The problem is, even with the best supervisors, we sometimes struggle to understand what goes where.

Like every PhD student, you’re probably finding it difficult to understand the different elements of a PhD thesis and how they relate to one another. You’re probably getting anxious just thinking about it.

You can either keep worrying, or do something about it.

Arrange a one-on-one thesis coaching session now to talk with a PhD writing expert and clear up your confusion. This is your chance to finally work out what goes where and how to fit things together.

We’ve helped thousands of students to improve their writing and devote our time to helping PhD students present their research in the best possible light. Let us help you with yours.

Book now to start writing with confidence.

We can help with all aspects of planning, structuring and writing your PhD.

We draw on years of experience and listen to the problems you’re facing. It’s your chance to talk through the issues that are unique to you. It’s like having another supervisor on your side.

Using and developing a theoretical framework
Conducting and writing a literature review
Time management
Dealing with stress and anxiety
Formulating research problems
Improving your writing style
Chapter and thesis outlines and planning
Crafting research and funding proposals
Writing with confidence and authority


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