Daily Group Writing Sessions To Get Your Writing Done

A Virtual Writing Support Group For PhD Students

We offer daily virtual group writing sessions. By making the commitment to attend some or all of these, you’re building a strong foundation for your thesis writing practice.

It’s an empowering experience, particularly once you start to see how much progress you make, and how much more easily you are able to write.

You won’t finish your thesis if you don’t develop the necessary discipline to develop a daily writing practice. The PhD Writing Hour helps you develop this habit.

And writing in the virtual company of other students has a powerful effect. Not only do you build community by seeing similar faces, you know that you’re surrounded by people in a similar situation to you. Being in the company of others is very motivating.


Group Zoom-Based Writing Sessions

10-11am UK time Every Weekday

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We start each session with an introduction. Say hi, share your goals, and get comfy.


Then, we turn off our mics and write silently for 60 minutes.


You’ll quickly see the effect that writing in groups has on your output, accountability and confidence.

How & Why The PhD Writing Hour Works

The format is simple. Each day we run a virtual writing session on Zoom. Log on 5-10 minutes before the start and get comfy. The host will then ask everyone to share what they plan on working on, and then everyone writes together (camera on, microphone off!) for an hour. After, there’s a 10-15 minute chat to socialise and to share advice and reflections. No one will read your work, and there’s no homework.

This format works. It’s been replicated in one form or another around the world and has shown itself to be a powerful catalyst for accountability and community.

Build connection, stay accountable, and build a more consistent writing practice. Designed for PhD students from any subject and at any stage.

Enjoy a 7 day free trial. Then, if you like what you see, you’ll pay only £14.99 per month (no contract, cancel anytime).

How To Get Started

The PhD Writing Hour is a subscription service. For only £14.99 per month, you’ll get access to unlimited writing sessions, free members only events, and our 5-star rated thesis writing course. 

Once you sign up, we’ll email you the Zoom links for every session, and let you know more about how to sign up for the free events and thesis writing course. 

We’re also offering you a 7-day free trial, so you can see whether The PhD Writing Hour is for you.

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Write what you like, how you like

Whether you’re writing a chapter, journal article or conference paper, or lesson plan, work on any part of your PhD journey. All you need to do is focus.

Come as often as you like

Once a month, once week or once a day. It’s up to you. Our sessions are there for you, and you can use them as much as you and your PhD practice need.

No One Will Ready Or View Your Work

We all log on, share our intentions, and then work silently together. No one will read what you’ve written, and you won’t have to share anything.

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