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This PhD writing course will help you write more and worry less.
This course will show you how to plan, structure and write every section of your thesis with clear, easy to follow lessons. It's the only course of it's kind and it's been created especially for PhD students by thesis writing experts.
Join the hundreds of students who have already taken the course and become one step closer to calling yourself Doctor.

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Ten lessons
Hundreds of tips

Dozens of templates & worksheets
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Almost all of the PhD students we polled told us the same thing: I struggle to structure and write my thesis and lack the support I need.

You probably do too. 

And that's why we've made this email based PhD Writing Course.

 It'll teach you to become a better thesis writer and help you overcome the problems you face when you're structuring and writing your thesis.

Those little niggles that seem to plague your writing? They'll be a thing of the past. 

You'll see that at the heart of every thesis are a number of core elements and that as long as you know what they are, writing a thesis doesn't have to be stressful. 

By the time the course is finished, you'll be able to write a more competent thesis, do so more quickly and be one step closer to calling yourself Doctor. 

What other students say...

"You probably do not know how much I appreciate your professional help. As you know doing PhD is like running a marathon.
I truly believe you are doing something very special"
"High-quality and in-depth. It made an immeasurable impact on the level of my work. Can't recommend enough"
"Although the course is online-based, it's quite interactive because of the exercises provided after each section. The interaction can be used to build into one's own work rhythm."
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'The course is simple and easy to follow’. 
"I liked that the course covered questions I didn’t even know I had."
"Literally I have learned more than my expectations from your courses in each and every lesson."

Transform Your Writing

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Using ten comprehensive lessons and dozens of curated videos, worksheets and templates, we'll show you exactly what's required in each chapter and how they all relate and fit together to form your thesis. 

That way, you can stop worrying about what goes where, and start writing with confidence.

We'll also show you how to plan each chapter and what you still need to work on for each to be complete. This will reduce uncertainty and put an end to the worry you have over the structure of your thesis. 

But knowing what to write is half the story, so you'll also learn how to write clearly, formulate arguments and manage your time. You'll even learn tips to deal with some of the common anxieties and personal challenges that come with doing a PhD. 

Your Lesson Plan

Delivered in 10 emails
Section One: How to write a PhD

1. The different sections of a thesis  
2. Writing and conducting a literature review 
3. Constructing and writing about your theoretical framework
4. Making methods interesting 
5. Presenting your findings: the empirical and discussion chapters
6. The abstract, acknowledgements, introduction and conclusion
Section Two: Write like a Doctor

7. How to write clearly and concisely
8. How to structure arguments 
9. How to structure your time more effectively 
10. How to manage PhD anxieties

Each lesson contains:

Writing tips and expert advice
Links to further reading
Curated videos
Custom templates and worksheets
Polls and surveys

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Meet your Writing Tutor

This course is the product of years of work and I'm looking forward to sharing it with you. I set up my company, The PhD Proofreaders, with one goal in mind: to help PhD students graduate. This course is a key component of that mission. 

I charge $120 AN HOUR for one-on-one coaching to teach thesis writing skills, but I noticed there were no affordable digital courses that could teach the same skills as these private classes at a price that was affordable to everyone.

So I made one.

And it's going to help you write a better thesis.

Dr. Max Lemprière 
Founder, The PhD Proofreaders
Creator, The PhD Writing Course

Become a more confident thesis writer

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Save time and money 

We demystify the writing process to make it less confusing. By showing you how things fit together, you can produce a more competent thesis, more quickly and easily.

Avoid months of extra work

You'll plan and structure every chapter of your thesis. That way, you can produce a thesis that is right first time. 

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Put an end to PhD-confusion

The course is bought to you by The PhD Proofreaders, the experts in PhD writing. Our goal is to clear up confusion, not create it, so the course is written in clear, plain English.

100% money back guarantee

We're so confident that this course will make you a better thesis writer we're offering a 100% money back guarantee. Unhappy? Let us know, and we'll refund you. You can even keep all the course material and worksheets. 

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