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 Expert-led skills workshops, bootcamps and retreats to help you get your writing done and progress more smoothly through your PhD.

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Write more and worry less with a PhD masterclass

Whether you’re struggling to plan or write your thesis, worried about your viva, need help publishing your first article, or are looking for wellbeing advice, we’ve got you covered.

Hosted by world class academics and educators, these virtual, small group PhD Masterclasses are designed to fill gaps in your knowledge and understanding. 

They’re all offered on Zoom, and most are recorded, meaning you can watch back as many times as you like (even if you aren’t able to tune in live).

Check out the listings below to see how we can help. 

PhD Masterclass: How to Do A Literature Review  – February 2022

PhD Masterclass: How to Do A Literature Review – February 2022

In this small group, virtual workshop you will learn how to conduct and organise your PhD literature review. Expert led and interactive.Read More »
PhD Masterclass: Preparing For Your Viva

PhD Masterclass: Preparing For Your Viva

Learn what to expect from your PhD viva and how you can best prepare.Read More »
PhD Masterclass: Refining Your Thesis For Submission

PhD Masterclass: Refining Your Thesis For Submission

This 90-min, interactive, workshop will help you learn how best to refine and finalise your thesis before submission.Read More »
PhD Masterclass: Publishing Articles From Your Thesis

PhD Masterclass: Publishing Articles From Your Thesis

In this interactive workshop, we will explore the ways in which the academic publication process works, from drafting to submission.Read More »

What other students have said…

‘Professor Wellington was just amazing! A good presenter in all aspects. Listening, asking and engaging with the audience and so uplifting with positive vibes. Interesting in the people. I truly hope that he will do more lectures!!’

“”Professor Wellington has an amazing personality. He really engaged with the audience. He conducted the workshop very well. Such a positive attitude – supportive. I enjoyed it so much.”

“Professor Wisker was down to earth and so engaging and helpful”


“”The facilitation by Heather was amazing. She makes writing enjoyable, and I cannot thank her enough. Certainly one of the best courses I have been on, and that is in large part due to Heather.”


“”The presenter was really good at presenting her tips and study journey. It demonstrated that persistence pays off so long as you don’t give up. Very laid-back and casual too, which removed any sense of pressure, if any.”


“There was nothing I disliked.  I really have nothing bad to say about the workshop.”


“”Prof Wellington’s style was excellent and he was extremely approachable. This made it very easy to ask questions. He was informative and also reassuring. I really appreciated his approach to the topic and it is very helpful to speak with someone so experienced as an examiner.”



“I liked how the audience were from diverse fields, and even then the materials and the presentation were beneficial for everyone. The Q/A session was practical oriented and it was as informative as the main session.”




Are the events recorded?

Most events are recorded, and a copy of the recording (and slides) will be sent to you a day or so after the event (check the spam folder, just in case). 

We send the recording and slides to all ticket-holders, even if you don’t attend the session in real time. 

That way, if you’re in a time-zone that makes it hard to attend in real-time, you’ll still have a chance to learn. Simply grab your ticket, and look out for the recording a day or so after the event 

Where will the workshops take place?

The event I am interested in is sold out. What should I do?

We’ll repeat most events regularly, particularly our most popular ones. Bookmark this page and check back regularly.

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If you can’t make an event, email letting us know your name and the event title and date. We’ll send you a recording and the slides, or where this isn’t possible, we’ll refund your ticket price.