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Dr. Michele Martin, The University of New Mexico

“I just want to take the opportunity to thank you for the excellent support that you and your company provided to me in my doctoral process. I subscribed to your services over a year ago at a time when I was facing my lowest point in motivation. Your wonderful guidance, tools and reassurance was just what I needed to see me through. I am happy to say that I received my doctorate this month and couldn’t have done it without your help.”

Andrew, The University of Sydney

 “The PhD Proofreaders exceeded my expectations. The end result was a PhD dissertation which was not only written in proper English but had much clearer content as well. They are willing to go beyond expectations when editing your PhD dissertation and provide this service with a fast turnaround time and at a fair price. Without reservation, I can recommend their service to anyone looking for a proofreader.”

Amy, University of Porto

 “I would like to thank The PhD Proofreaders for a well edited Ph.D. dissertation. I don’t regret hiring them in the final stage of my writing. Their professional style helped to beautify my paper and make it easy to read without typos – it was a masterpiece. Consequently, I passed my Ph.D. without any corrections. I thank The PhD Proofreaders for a job well done. Hence, if any doctoral candidate or graduate student wants their work to be professionally edited, I strongly recommend them.”

“Without this personalised assistance, there is no way I would have felt comfortable paying a proofreader. The PhD Proofreaders couldn’t have done a better job. It was such a relief. The thesis they sent back read so beautifully and I was awarded no corrections.”

“You and your excellent professional skills can always cheer me up and bring me more confidence at the last stage of this long matharon.”

“Without The PhD Proofreaders, there is no chance I would have submitted my thesis on time. I wouldn’t have passed first time, either. My thesis was let down by poor English, so the money I spent was worth every penny. It was a great investment.”

‘I wanted to write to convey my thanks and appreciation for the proofreading undertaken by yourselves. The fact that you worked in Overleaf was especially helpful and a huge relief. The standard of proofreading was excellent and completed in time. I have finally been awarded my PhD and I could not have overcome the final hurdle without you’

“After talking to Elizabeth [a PhD coach], I didn’t wake up in the middle of the night last night for the first time in months! Ahh to have this feeling over my destiny again is very nice”.  – Rachel, France.

“Your solidarity with developing countries’ PhD students who would never be able to afford other similar services, makes you standout not only high quality proofreading services provider but also an understanding and personal service supplier. This unique approach puts you at the helm of the pack.”

Aston University

 I am not a native speaker, so my thesis needed proofreading line by line. On top of this, I needed in-depth feedback on the way I had structured my arguments. The PhD Proofreaders did an exceptional job with both. 

They did more than just offer a spelling and grammar check. They also checked for repetition and the overall clarity and coherence of the thesis. The service is ideal if you need that little extra support in your thesis. 

I was so satisfied with their services that I recommended them to a fellow PhD student, who ended up just as happy as me with the service. 

The service is run by PhDs, hence it is significantly better than the other proofreaders on the market. They understand the requirements of a PhD, and what sections and arguments must be present in each section. The PhD Writing Guide, which I also used,  really helped me to streamline my thoughts and gain focus.

Max is really helpful and he accommodated my tight deadline. I would say the service is economical and a very good value for money. I will be using this services even in future for my further academic activities.

He always offered a personal touch, listened to the issues, and tried to help produce the best work possible. It felt personal and that I had someone out there to support me as I reached the finishing line. 

To sum up, I would ONLY trust Max with my thesis and I strongly recommend The PhD Proofreaders.

CEI-IUL, Brazil

I worked with The PhD Proofreaders as I completed my doctoral dissertation at the University of Birmingham. During my last year as a PhD candidate I was putting together the existing chapters and finishing the additional writing required. The PhD Proofreaders helped me with the proofreading and editing the final draft together before submission, and their service was really useful to spot many mistakes and suggest a number of language improvements on over 80 thousand words. When you are writing academically, conducting research and experiencing the pressures of doctoral life, it is very helpful to have someone to professionally look at your work, as a lot gets through the cracks!

The PhD Proofreaders team was diligent in working with me to deliver a great quality service, even if I had a shortened timeframe to work until submission, with a tight deadline. They were understanding of my needs and very proactive in establishing a work plan that fit my deadlines and my priorities. Communication was also great throughout the process, my proofreader was very accessible and open to provide explanation when I needed it. They didn’t just find small issues with the text (such as typos, small grammar mistakes and the odd spelling error), but reviewed the text for consistency and style, helping me to achieve a leaner, simpler way to communicate complex ideas.

Finally, I have to say that as a non-native english speaker, who’s more prone to writing style inconsistencies and needs a more thorough reviewing and editing process (beyond the simple checks), it was very helpful to look at the transparent way in which the reviews and edits were provided using track changes and comments: it allowed me to consistently understand what the reviewer meant by their suggestions and edits, and improved my ability to write in academic english in the long run. More than a simple proofreading exercise it was a learning process which improved my writing skills beyond the PhD!

Durham University

Imagine being lost on a journey without a map, satnav or anyone around to ask directions. We know that feeling.. lost, confused, frustrated, angry!

That was me and my PhD journey.  Max helped me and my thesis again.

I am intelligent and already have post grad qualifications.

I was fired up and eager to research, write and  present my findings. No problem..

Then …. my supervisor was giving instructions .. that were like an Ikea flatpack and who understands those? My supervisor was then not available to respond to my queries! Supervisor then changed!

I decided to be proactive about my situation. My PhD needed help. I needed help.  We deserved better!

I found Max and he has helped me reorganise the thesis structure and argument so it is logical and clear for examiners.  This also helps you prepare for that Viva. 

If I had found Max earlier I’d be a PhD by now. Don’t stay confused, worried, anxious. You are the PhD but Max is the ‘Thesis Whisperer’.

Trusted by students and supervisors from some of the world’s top universities

The University of Sydney

I had The PhD Proofreaders recommended to me because while I was confident with the content of my dissertation that confidence is not matched in my abilities to write well in English. Prior to using The PhD Proofreaders I had never used the services of an editor before. They clearly explained the editing process to me and gave me a clear time frame of when the edited dissertation would be returned to me.

The PhD Proofreaders exceed my expectations. Not only did they correct the English in my dissertation, they did so while being ever mindful of the variety of subtle differences in language use between academic fields. They were able to expertly navigate between English errors that could just be corrected and English errors that required flagging for clarification and where the most obvious English correction would changed the content of my dissertation. The end result was a PhD dissertation which was not only written in proper English but had much clearer content as well.

The PhD proofreaders were willing to go beyond expectations when editing your PhD dissertation.

PhD proofreaders are also readily available to assist you well after they had returned the corrected PhD dissertation. They checked-in with me intermittently from time to time to make sure that the English corrections they made and feedback they provided were correct and made sense. I found nothing wrong with the English corrections they made and the feedback they provided was clear and easily actionable by me.

PhD proofreaders provide this service with a fast turn around time and at fair price. Without reservation I can recommend their service to anyone looking for a proofreader.

York University 

You probably do not know how much I appreciate your professional help. As you know doing PhD is like running a Marathon and at the last phase everyone is extremely exhausted mentally and physically.

I truly believe you are doing something very special and very awesome, and I do sense that you enjoy what you do (helping others) which is the best part!

You are really efficient in proofreading. I appreciate your professional assistance very much. You are the best.

I always believe you are the mentor that God bring to me during this significant and challenging time.

Politics PhD Student 

University of Cambridge 

Finishing a PhD is a difficult and nerve-racking endeavour – especially the final phases can be quite stressful. As I had re-read some of the chapters in my thesis over and over again, I felt that I could not really ‘see’ the words anymore, so I decided to look for a proofreader. I’m a perfectionist, so I figured that I’d save myself a lot of nerves by having someone look over it critically. While I’m not a native English-speaker, I’m a very confident writer, so I did not need any help with the language. Instead, I was looking for someone who could help spot typos as well as repetitions and general inconsistencies.

I contacted a range of different proofreading services. Max’s proofreading company stood out to me from the start. It felt very personal, and Max really took the time to listen to all of my enquiries. Max holds a PhD in politics himself, which was one of the main reasons why I selected his proofreading services. In addition to his expertise in the field, he can empathise with the stress of handling the final stages of writing. Turnaround time was very quick, and the proofreading was generally quite thorough. The entire process was very smooth; we agreed on a timetable and he even managed to send comments back before the deadline we had agreed upon. Even after sending me his comments, he checked in regularly to see if I needed help with anything in the final weeks before submission.

He is encouraging, always goes the extra mile, and super easy to communicate with; I was always able to get a hold of him when I needed something. All in all, it was well worth the money and I highly recommend his services!

Mohammad - final year PhD student

 “Your solidarity with developing countries’ PhD students who would never be able to afford other similar services, makes you standout not only as a high quality proofreading services provider but also as an understanding and personal service supplier. This unique approach puts you at the helm of the pack.”

Dr. Anne McLeod - Charles Sturt University

 “This time last year I enlisted your services and it was the best thing I ever did. I now proudly call myself Doctor. I Graduated in October and I know without your services it would not have been possible. So, thank you, which seems so minimal for the amazing work you and your team do.”

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