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Do you need more focused PhD supervision?

We can help.


Do you wish you had more focused, targeted PhD supervision? Someone to brainstorm with, run ideas by and get advice from? Someone to keep you accountable?

You’re not alone. We can help. 

With your very own PhD personal trainer, you’ll get the support and guidance you need. You’ll enjoy a truly bespoke service, so whether you need an accountability partner, a writing coach, someone to check chapter outlines, or someone to offer intense supervision, we’ll help.

We’ll do whatever it takes to help you write more, worry less and graduate sooner.


Offering the guidance and support you need to navigate your PhD

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Bespoke support for your PhD

The challenges you face are unique. That’s why we start with a free phone consultation, so you can tell us what’s holding you back and we can explain how we’ll help. Together, we’ll design a programme that matches your needs. Arrange your free, no-obligation phone consultation now.

A dedicated PhD expert on your side

We’re the experts in planning, structuring and writing PhDs and we’ve all been where you are. That means you’ll be getting the right support from people who understand the pressure you’re under and know exactly what’s required. 

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The support you've been dreaming of

The programme we’ll design with you will address all of the challenges you face. If necessary, we’ll provide feedback on written work, provide video or phone based coaching, offer check-in accountability sessions or offer email support. Every programme is different, but each one is designed to maximise your results.  

Structured discussions that'll boost your progress

Most of our support will come through video or phone-based coaching, during which we’ll offer you the kind of support a great supervisor should offer. We’ll challenge you, make you think, teach you and provide you with all the resources you need to overcome your PhD hurdles. 

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A flexible programme geared towards success

Everything we do is directed at teaching you the skills you need to progress more quickly and confidently through your PhD. It’s entirely on your terms, and built around your needs.

We can offer once-off support, or arrange an ongoing relationship. 

Get in touch today to arrange a free, no-obligation phone consultation. 


Support for every stage of the PhD journey  

Our PhD personal training is bespoke, so you get support for the issues you face. During your free, no-obligation phone consultation you’ll get the chance to talk through your problems and we can design a programme to suit you.

Our typical programmes include many of the following:

Help developing chapter outlines
Feedback on draft chapters
Advice on how to structure chapters
Coaching on stress and anxiety
Coaching to improve your writing
Accountability partnerships
Checking post-viva corrections
Help create research proposals
Dr. Max Lempriere

Dr. Max Lempriere – PhD Coach and Founder of The PhD Proofreaders


We all know how hard structuring a PhD thesis is. The problem is, even with the best supervisors, we sometimes struggle to understand what goes where.

Like every PhD student, you’re probably finding it difficult to understand the different elements of a PhD thesis and how they relate to one another. You’re probably getting anxious just thinking about it.

You can either keep worrying, or do something about it.

Arrange a one-on-one thesis coaching session now so we can talk through the challenges you’re facing and design a PhD training programme tailored specifically to ensuring your success. 

Through my work as a PhD-coach, PhD thesis proofreader, academic and writing coach, I’ve helped thousands of students just like you write more, worry less and graduate sooner. Let it be your turn next. 

Get in touch today to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation. 


What does this mean in practice? Here are some estimates:

1. Feeding back on a PhD proposal (including in-text feedback and 30 minute phone consultation): $75

2. Weekly accountability check-in (30 minute phone call): $37.50

3. Weekly supervision meeting (including reading, feedback, preparation and contact time): $100

4. Feeding back on draft chapter (including in-text comments and one hour phone consultation): $150

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