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Expert coaching to help you structure your thesis

Stop worrying and start writing with confidence. One session is all it takes.

Just one phone call is all it takes to overcome your writing hurdles.

Knowing how to structure your PhD is hard. It can feel like, no matter what you do, you're no closer to working it out.

Our unique PhD writing coaching gives you the chance to talk with a PhD writing expert and address the problems that are unique to you and your thesis. One session is all it takes. 

It'll save you months of worry and wasted time.

You'll receive tailored advice and learn how to overcome the problems you face as you structure your thesis. That way, you can stop worrying and start writing with confidence.

One-on-one consultation

During a one hour phone consultation, we'll teach you how to structure your thesis.

Designed around your needs

We take time to listen to and address the challenges you're facing.

A personalised advice plan

We'll send you a personalised advice plan that you can use when you write.

Put an end to your worrying

We've been where you are, so we understand the pressure you're under. We're here to help.

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I've finished my PhD. Let me help you finish yours.

We all know how hard structuring a PhD thesis is. The problem is, even with the best supervisors, we sometimes struggle to understand what goes where. 

Like every PhD student, you're probably finding it difficult to understand the different elements of a PhD thesis and how they relate to one another. You're probably getting anxious just thinking about it.

You've likely already seen our PhD Writing Template, and you've likely tried to solve things alone, but you may need some extra support fitting things together. 

You can either keep worrying, or do something about it. 

With just a single one-hour phone consultation, we can work through your pain points together and teach you how to structure your thesis. 

We've helped thousands of students to improve their writing and devote our time to helping PhD students present their research in the best possible light. Let us help you with yours.

Book now to start writing with confidence.

We talk about what you need to talk about

We draw on years of experience and listen to the problems you're facing. It's your chance to talk through the issues that are unique to you.
Using & developing a theoretical framework
Clarifying aims & objectives
Conducting & writing a literature review
What to look out for in empirical & discussion chapters
Writing standout abstracts & conclusion
Avoiding repetition
Making your argument clear & engaging
Using our PhD Structure Template

How it works

Book a consultation

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Tell us what's on your mind

We'll send you a questionnaire so we can understand the challenges you're facing.

Receive expert advice

During our phone consultation, we'll listen to your problems, answer your questions and teach you what you need to know.

Receive a personalised advice plan

We'll then send you a personalised advice plan, summarising our advice and pointing you towards additional resources.




Booking is quick and easy

Simply get in touch to arrange your first session. 

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