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Maximise your chances of passing first time
Work with a world-renowned PhD examiner
A mock viva for any subject and any discipline
Be fully prepared and confident for the big day

Learn what to expect, what you’ll be asked, and where to improve with an expert led mock-viva.


Are you coming up to your PhD viva (oral) exam? Are you nervous about what you’re going to be asked and how confident you’ll be in your responses? Would you like a practice run, so you can go into your viva fully prepared and brimming with confidence? 

We can help.

We’ve partnered with Professor Peter Smith, a world-renowned PhD examiner and supervisor, and author of Palgrave’s The PhD Viva, to offer this unique service. 

He’ll read your thesis and then put you through your paces on a 90 minute Zoom call. It’ll be as realistic as possible, and he’ll put you under the same kind of pressure that your examiners or committee will during the real oral examination. He’ll then offer guidance on how to improve and how to be fully viva-ready. 

The result? You’ll go into your viva as prepared as possible, and you’ll have a significant advantage, maximising your chances of success.

You won’t find this kind of service anywhere else  

We'll work with any subject or discipline
Just one 90-Minute Zoom viva session and email aftercare is all it takes
We'll read your thesis just like your examiners
Send your thesis a week in advance, and Prof. Smith will come prepared with questions and talking points.
We'll put you through your paces and show you what it's like to think on your feet. It'll be just like the real thing.
We'll offer tips on how to improve, which could make the difference between passing and failing.


Dr. Heather Maggs – University of Reading

 I want thank you for the mock viva service you provided.  This was amazing service. Especially as Peter had to read and more than got the gist of my 90,000 word qualitative thesis in an incredibly short space of time in order to make the mock viva meaningful and useful.

Peter put me at my ease, asked insightful, relevant questions – including one that really tested my ability to think on the spot, as I needed to work through to get right. I felt that this was a true demonstration of his academic ability to absorb the core parts of my thesis in very little time. 

I truly appreciate the kindness which you wished me well and enquired as to how I got on. Thank you.

It was having to go through the process, think on my feet, with someone I didn’t know that made it as close to the real thing as it could possibly be.  I am sure this contributed to my being better able to respond coherently on the day, as the process wasn’t new to me and I wasn’t as nervous as I would have been. Peter’s experience in examining PhD students defending their viva was clearly visible.

A practice run for your viva to help you brim with confidence

PhD mock viva

Any subject, any discipline

Professor Peter Smith, who will run your mock-viva, has supervised and examined hundreds of theses from dozens of subjects and disciplines. He has extensive experience of over 100 oral examinations and has authored the acclaimed textbook The PhD Viva (published by Palgrave). Peter is an experienced academic and has been a Professor for over 30 years.

A unique service, and the best way to prepare

What better way to prepare for the viva than have a practice run? You’ll become familiar with the most common questions, you’ll practice thinking on your feet, and you’ll be put under pressure. The result? In the real viva, you’ll already be a pro. 

PhD mock viva
PhD mock viva

Email support and aftercare

After the mock-viva, Professor Smith will give you advice on how to improve and what areas you need to focus on. That may make the difference between getting major corrections and no corrections. We’ll then keep in touch so we can help you and support you as your viva draws near. 


About Your Mock-Viva Examiner

PhD mock viva

Professor Peter Smith – Emeritus Professor


When you choose our mock-viva service, you can benefit from the extensive experience of Professor Peter Smith, who has led over 100 oral examinations and written a textbook on The PhD Viva (published by Palgrave). 

With over 30 years of experience as an academic, Professor Smith has supervised more than 60 PhD and DProf candidates, attended over 200 viva examinations in the UK, and been an external examiner at more than 30 universities worldwide. He has also chaired over 100 PhD examinations. 

Very few people have supervised or examined as many PhDs as Peter, nor across as many subject areas.

As a result, Professor Smith is uniquely positioned to help you prepare for your viva examination. His experience and knowledge of the examination process will help you gain the confidence and skills you need to succeed.

In addition to his extensive experience, Professor Smith has written 300+ papers and books, including one of the first textbooks for professional doctorate students. He is a Principal Fellow of The Higher Education Academy (PFHEA) and a Fellow of numerous professional bodies, such as the British Computer Society, the Institute of Engineering and Technology, and the Institute of Physics.

With Professor Smith’s expertise and guidance, you can be confident that you are in good hands and well-prepared for your viva examination. Choose our mock-viva service today to benefit from his extensive experience and knowledge.

“I found the mock viva of immense value in preparing me for what’s ahead in terms of the actual examination. Had a really great discussion with Prof. Smith today. Sincerely appreciated.”

Effiong Henshaw – University of Leeds


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What’s included?

– Professor Smith will read through of your thesis

– You and Professor Smith will jump on a 90 minute Zoom call for your mock-viva

– You’ll receive tips and advice on how to improve and maximise your chances of passing first time.

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