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Whatever stage you are at in your doctorate, writing down your ideas effectively and efficiently is an important skill to develop. You want to communicate all your good ideas, but sometimes making time to write, finding the right words, or organising your thoughts on a page, becomes an obstacle to your success.

Join us for The PhD Writing Hour – daily PhD writing sessions so you can build a more regular habit. The goal? Write more, worry less and graduate sooner. 


Developing a regular writing practice will help


The PhD Writing Hour is our online academic writing group, an idea developed after thousands of conversations with doctoral students around the world. We know that the written word can be a struggle for many PhD students and understand how hard it is to adopt a regular writing routine. The truth is, academics benefit from writing groups well beyond PhD level too (85% say a faculty writing group has a ‘very positive’ impact on their productivity). 


This is a daily writing group just for you


The PhD Writing Hour takes place every day from Monday to Friday at 10 am GMT. Show up at our sessions for a quiet hour in which to boost your word count, whether you’re working on a progress report, your first draft, or a final polish. You’ll be motivated by the company of a supportive group of peers. It’s all about getting together and pouring our good ideas on paper, which is a great rhythm to get into, like squeezing fresh juice for breakfast. It’s all virtual, but daily practice means you’ll make speedy real-world progress towards your goal: calling yourself Doctor.


Do writing groups really work?


Yes. Writing groups are used the world over, by all kinds of writers including established novelists. The reason? Because they support you to write more efficiently. Belonging to a writing community motivates you to make time, and then get the words down.

Writers often talk about writing being like a muscle. As a regular member of The PhD Writing Hour, you’ll flex that muscle, and over time writing tasks will feel more achievable. Committing to the group encourages a healthy work pattern. It’s very hard to achieve this alone, but it’s a habit to acquire now, one to stick with throughout your career.

Another bonus: you can join our sessions from home. There is no dress code, so go ahead and show off your pyjamas, at least until you graduate.


What actually happens at The PhD Writing Hour?


The session is not a workshop or a seminar. There won’t be any long speeches, top tips or general questions. In these meetups we have one thing in common, which is that we are taking control of this hour, laying it aside to write, committing to switching off phones and trying to quiet our distracting thoughts. We will just concentrate on our individual projects without interruptions.  

The PhD Writing Hour is like working around strangers in the library. We recreate that diligent atmosphere you feel when people are quietly concentrating around you. The only difference is that our sessions are moderated by a professional writer with a PhD. The moderator will get everyone settled at the start, and may invite you to share a few words at the end about how you got on. You won’t be asked to read your work aloud.

In general, it’s appreciated if cameras are switched on and microphones muted while participants are writing.

Over time you’ll see the same faces coming back, and to allow you to make connections, the chat function will be available.


I’m in! Where do I sign up?

To join us on The PhD Writing Hour, click the banner below find out more and sign up.  

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