By Your Side Throughout Your PhD

We’re more than proofreaders. We’re here to help you feel more supported and less isolated for the entire PhD journey.

Whether you’re not getting the support or supervision you need from your university, or just want to feel part of something bigger, we exist to support PhD students at every stage of the journey. 

Our golden rule is to treat students as we ourselves would have wanted to be treated during our PhDs. That means our support is accessible, empathetic, and driven by a simple belief that the PhD journey doesn’t have to be isolating and can be demystified. 

By bringing you access to world class educators, thesis coaches, editors and mentors, we’re able to offer you an unparalleled suite of free and paid for services that will help you feel more connected and better equipped as you navigate your PhD. 

How can we help?

Free PhD Writing Guides

We've created the world's most comprehensive PhD-thesis writing knowledge base. 

Mock PhD Viva Exam

Have a practice run of your viva with a world renowned examiner & boost your confidence.  

PhD Workshops & Writing Retreats

Learn valuable PhD writing and research skills from academics in virtual workshops and writing retreats.

Thesis & Chapter Proofreading
Submit a fluent, error-free thesis by having it checked by a native proofreader.
Thesis Writing Course

Stop worrying about how to structure your thesis with expertly designed lessons.

One-on-One Coaching

Every PhD is different. That's why we offer one-on-one coaching to help you succeed.

What makes us different?

Too often PhD students struggle for one or both of two reasons: either they don’t get the right support from their supervisors or universities, or they feel isolated and disconnected.

Whether it’s help writing to the required standard of English, lessons in structuring a thesis, or being guided through research design decisions, expert support is vital to a feeling confident and connected during the PhD.

It’s our job to give you the support you need. We’re the only company to work exclusively with PhD students. Plus, we’ve all got PhDs ourselves, so we know exactly what’s required and know the pressure you’re under.

We also know what kind of support you need to succeed.

We were fed up with seeing poor quality resources and overpriced services taking advantage of people’s desperation and vulnerability, so we made our own and now offer them to you.


The PhD behind The PhD Proofreaders

During my PhD, I never got the support I needed, and each day was a struggle as I battled alone to work out what goes where and how to craft my thesis. I was lacking in confidence and isolated.

But I wasn’t alone. The more I spoke to other students, the more I realised how many people also lacked in confidence or felt disconnected. There were those who were being let down by their supervisors and institutions, or those who just wanted to feel part of something bigger and feel more connected to other students in the same boat.

So, I vowed that when I completed my PhD, I would dedicate my life to helping other PhD students so that their life wouldn’t be as stressful or isolating as mine.

That’s why I created this company. And that’s why I prioritised one mission: to help you feel more connected and more confident as you navigate your PhD.

As the name suggests, we started out by proofreading theses. But as time went on, and we spoke to more students, we offered a wider range of support.

Since 2017, we’ve helped thousands of students, and we’ve broadened our services to offer coaching, workshops, writing retreats, mock-vivas and writing groups. We now work with leading academics and educators who believe in our mission, meaning you’ll be able to get support from the very best in the world.

As always, if there’s anything I can do to make your PhD journey easier please send me an email.

– Dr. Max



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