It’s our job to help you graduate

Imagine if your PhD could be less stressful and more enjoyable

When you first started your PhD, you never realised how challenging it would be. But you soon saw the challenges of knowing what goes where, working out how to fit it all together, writing everything fluently, and getting it all done on time.

Sometimes you despair at how big the challenge seems, and can’t possibly understand how you’re going to meet the required standard.

That’s where we come in.

What makes us different?

Too often PhD students struggle for one simple reason: they don’t get the right support from their supervisors or universities.

Whether it’s help writing to the required standard of English, lessons in structuring a thesis, or being guided through research design decisions, expert support is vital to a successful PhD thesis.

It’s our job to give you the support you need. We’re the only PhD proofreading and support company to work exclusively for PhD students. Plus, we’ve all got PhDs ourselves, so we know exactly what’s required and know the pressure you’re under.

We also know what kind of support you need to succeed.

We were fed up with seeing poor quality resources and overpriced services taking advantage of people’s desperation and vulnerability, so we made our own and now offer them to you.

Our goal isn’t to make money, it’s to help you graduate.


The PhD behind The PhD Proofreaders

During my PhD, I never got the support I needed, and each day was a struggle as I battled alone to work out what goes where and how to craft my thesis.

But I wasn’t alone. Many of those around me, particularly international students, had an even more challenging time, particularly if they struggled to write to the necessary standard of English.

Too many people just like you were finding their PhDs too stressful and were worried about their ability to reach the required standard. Many found that their mental health was being affected, and many dropped out entirely.

So, I vowed that when I completed my PhD, I would dedicate my life to helping other PhD students so that their life wouldn’t be as stressful as mine.

That’s why I created this company.

And that’s why I prioritised one mission: to give you the support that you deserve.


A range of services to help you graduate

Language fluency proofreading

If you’re an international student struggling to write your chapter or thesis in fluent English, we’ll proofread your thesis better than anyone around. 

Why? Because we’ve all got PhDs and know what’s required. 

Learn how to plan, structure and write your thesis

If you’re struggling to understand how to structure your thesis, sign up to our ‘How to Write a PhD’ course, designed to make writing your thesis more straightforward, saving you time and money.

Personalised support with one-on-one PhD Coaching

If you’re stuck on a particular chapter or can’t understand how to design your study or structure your thesis, you can take advantage of one-on-one coaching with a thesis writing expert.

Free guides, tips and templates to help you deliver brilliance

Our PhD Knowledge Base is filled with free guides, templates and tips to get you one step closer to calling yourself Doctor. It’s the web’s best collection of PhD resources.

Interested in group workshops, cohort-courses and a free PhD learning & support community? 

The team behind The PhD Proofreaders have launched The PhD People, a free learning and community platform for PhD students. Connect, share and learn with other students, and boost your skills with cohort-based workshops and courses.

Select a service to begin 

Expert PhD thesis proofreading
Submit a fluent, error-free thesis by having it checked by a native proofreader.
Online thesis writing course

Stop worrying about how to structure your thesis with expertly designed lessons.

One-on-one coaching for your PhD

Every PhD is different. That’s why we offer one-on-one coaching to help you succeed.

Free PhD writing guides

We’ve created the world’s most comprehensive PhD-thesis writing knowledge base. 

Before you go, do you want a free thesis template?

Using our PhD writing template, you can quickly visualise every element of your thesis. It’s your PhD thesis, all on one page.